URI movie News and Updates

URI Movie Updates

URI Movie plot is based on the 2016 surgical strikes on Pakistan, after the Uri Base Camp in Jammu & Kashmir was attacked. Vicky Kaushal plays the role of an army officer, who leads the covert military operation. The trailer gives a sneak peek of the action-packed performance of Vicky Kaushal. Click here for URI Full Movie Download.

 URI Movie Climax:

The climax comes in the movie when the day of the surgical strike arrives and the troop leaves for POK. During the mission, Vihan has to change his plan suddenly and goes on foot leaving his helicopter and kills Idris in a hand to hand combat.

By the time he kills Idris, the Local police arrive at the location and commandos need to leave the place immediately. Everybody comes under the pressure as Vihaan’s team still being in POK area and the sun is on the verge of the rise and when everything is going down, Flight Lieutenant Seerat risks herself and comes for rescuing them without any casualties. If you are a geek guy then you can watch this movie and recommend this movie to your friends and families.


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